The Wire Duck Story…

Hello and welcome to a pared-down version of Wire Duck Records.

This is the private indie label for award-winning songwriter/filmmaker, Neal Fox. It was founded in 1997, when the web site was designed by Fox. It was a unique and fun site, which opened to promote his first releases.

The site grew very big, with pages covering everything from Fox’s musical works, (Meat Street, Pigeonholes and Thank You, Dan Rather), to art, and even his children’s’ poetry book, It’s Weird to Grow a Bead.

Decades later, we decided to streamline, resulting in his main site,

That’s where you can buy all of Fox’s CDs, and get the latest news on his music and film projects. His digital releases are available for streaming or download on all popular platforms.

You can find him on social media at:




All songs are registered with BMI—published by Foxalot Music.

For interviews and articles please write to MEDIA at the main web site URL. For licensing or other inquiries please use the Contact form.