The Wire Duck Story…

Hello and welcome to a pared-down version of the Wire Duck Records site.

This is the private indie label for award-winning songwriter/filmmaker, Neal Fox. It was founded in 1997, when Fox designed the original web site to promote his first releases.

It was a unique and fun site which grew, and grew, with pages covering everything from his music, to Fox’s theatrical works, (Meat Street, Pigeonholes, and, Thank You, Dan Rather), to art, and even his children’s poetry book, It’s Weird to Grow a Bead. In fact it grew so big that some people got lost and still haven’t been seen. But they’re probably having a good time, so we’re not worried. Too much.

Then Fox, in more creative bursts of energy, designed another web site. And another web site. And… Do you see a kind of theme here?

So we decided to streamline things and bring most of it together in one place. Since he has many facets to his personality, and different abilities (as described above) it could be confusing. Do you mean Neal Fox the songwriter? The children’s book author? The one who writes musicals? The activist?? We just boiled it down to one important fact and called his main site,

That’s where you can buy his CDs, DVDs, digital downloads and other merch, and get the latest news on his current projects.

His digital releases are also available for streaming or download on all popular platforms.

You can find him on social media at:




All songs are registered with BMI—published by Foxalot Music. Sound recordings are registered as Wire Duck Records, but Fox actually owns all of the rights himself.

For interviews and articles, or if you need permission to use his music, please use the main contact form at

Keeping it simple for now.